I Seek Knowledge of the Real World

Antigreekess, Now you want a little bit of my dead carcass. I never thought the day would come when I would have a pack of buzzards preying on me. I must be making some progress in this life. Praise be Allah because people actually care. And first of all YES I agree with you: I AIN'T BUKOWSKI! There is no logical way I could be Charles Bukowki, Bukowski was a drunk and Bukowski's DEAD, my dear anti-Greekess. Second am I "F--- Up", as you put it so eloquently...YES I AM. But I have my moments as well. You know that old saying sometime we're the statue and sometimes we're the pigeon. It' comes and goes Like this article for example. Somebody I haven't dealt with nearly a year is checking up on me. It means they care. Now Anti-Geekess get something published in this magazine and I would be more than willing to show so much care for you. Would you like me to proof read your blog maybe? Next about the incident that keeps popping up from you and Anonymous 123 keep wanting answers for it. First of all it has nothing to do with the story I wrote and I don't really see how me answering your questions on incident which neither you nor anybody on this board was there are involved in the incident lends me anymore credibility. To get them involved in....well it just seems tacky. But if you were involved or there call me sometime we'll do lunch. Nothing like old chums right? I'll remember not to bring the news crew next time. Finally, if you really want to hurt me stop posting messages about how much of a bad/evil/sinister guy I am, it only creates more comments and more traffic to my story. Which, dah,dah,dah, makes it more likely I can get something published by the Reader again. Controversy Baby. Like I said in my article I like being a Bad-ass. Or should I say keep hurting by posting those apt messages and creating even more traffic to my story. Actually if you want I'll even help you. Do you want the time I ate my own boogers or the time I had explosive diarrhea? And if you really want to hurt me tell me to go back to school and get a PHD and never leave the ivory tower again. That would hurt. Good Night everybody I'm going to bed I'll check back in with you in the morning. Hopefully another pithy, cogent, by the fine folks at my former workplace will be waiting on my door step. Your author and your friend, Adam aka (F--- Up) I do enjoy our correspondences. Tell your friends to write as well.
— January 22, 2010 12:56 a.m.

I Seek Knowledge of the Real World

Wow Anonymous123 You are just so dead on. If you would have read the article you would have noticed the passage where I said passing Santana High School on my way to work. When was Andy Williams and the Santana High shooting near fifth and university? Apparently someone can't find their way around San Diego. But just the fact you can't read the article well enough to even do a good accurate character assassination shows how incompetent you really are. But hey, it's funny, so keep making me laugh. To tell you the truth I take your feeble attempts as a compliment. Because I haven't worked for your utterly clean and well run organization for nearly a year. Also according to your profile you just signed up today to post these comments. Wow, you signed up to come after little ol' me. And I ain't even in California right now. Believe or not this article had nothing to do with New Alternatives and I have worked with other kids at other facilities, before the year 2007. Kind of the reason I was hired by the Program Manager in the first place. But the fact that you would want to come after me, after I was given the boot shows I must of been doing my job as labor organizer at your facility. Someone struck a nerve. Anonymous 123 you want to throw in I molested a kid go for it and then stole their milk money go for say that as well. Hey while your at it why don't tell everybody Satan's got a locker full of animal porn waiting for me at the gates of Hell when I die. But you know what, I'm sure we'll enjoy it together. Also sorry to get some you guys on Univision News on March 13. You know me I just can't help myself . When I see pure comedy I just think it's got to make Primetime--even if it is Spanish. Se hable? Finally thanks for the unemployment checks, it equals out maybe only a little less than what I was getting when I was working for your organization. Now I can really focus on my writing and hell I might write my next article about you. Now if I can just figure out which joker you are. But i guess it wouldn't be worth my time. But Toodles Anonymous 123 it's been fun. Adam PS Just remember your mandated by Federal Law to send me my W2s. So if you can send the word out, I will be a calling for them in the next couple days.
— January 21, 2010 10:38 p.m.

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