Are American Engineers in Short Supply?

Try switching web browsers sometimes that'll make a world of difference. Try 3 or 4 different other browsers. I can't make it through the day without using each browser in my stable. They're almost human in that you can't expect any of them to perform consistently well day after day 365 days a year - some of them come down with the cyberspace's version of the one-hour flu. At this very moment this site is running very slow in IE and fast in Chrome. Tomorrow the exact opposite condition might prevail. I use Chrome, IE, FF, and Opera. I tried Safari and that browser has too many problems. Though it does have a killer video downloader built into it that I wish all the other browsers had (FF has a great add on that facitilitates copying videos that aren't DRM protected which most videos aren't) though that nifty downloading tool has a little bug in it at this point in time. I've learned that Apple is very, very slow in correcting technical problems that impact consumers as shown in the thread below so don't expect them to get with it and fix the bug anytime soon. Also if you have ATT I understand they are going through some big changes as far as speed is concerned. One of America's biggest consumer advocates, Clark Howard, talks about that in one of his podcast's. Youll find that podcast on his site. ATT may be throttling down your speed without you knowing it. Ditto for the other ISP's as they slowy but surely gain more control of the Internet (see Youtube video titled "net neutrality.") https://discussions.apple.com/message/12226403?...
— April 28, 2011 10:18 a.m.

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