The Hip-Hop-Challenged SDMAs

Ech-u-sketch from the [I.C.O.N.S ].....I am a Recipient that has received Many of these awards. We Have true respect to all the groups selected it's not the we don't have a seen or that we lack the necessary tool's The real problem is the way music is viewed today and how accessible to kids. This is a complicated field with many opinions and variations.Thew the course of my Never ending story led me to believe that there is no gold at end of the rainbow and "santa claus" is just a lie to tell my kid to explain "X-mass" A lot of these artist work wit style, Delivery, Concepts, A general message.To all the readers contained please remember where we are at "Not L.A not S.F not N.Y or even Down South witch is ruling general music now...... The problem come's into play when you Have an identity that's not recognized by your city or state. The Radio Flat out Doesn't respond without being bought.Commercial Sponsor's will not support you or your event because of The content.Half of the shows are put on by the Artist Them selves. How Do you Get Support Without asking? "Exactly" Back to the "Panelist" for this award witch have no history in doing ,Writing ,Recording, going to shows as a "Fan", and sometimes being interested in the love of music. We need more personalities like "Tim Pals" From the old local show. also there is no form in which hip- hop personalities cant communicate via (b-boy summit or public radio). so i think we should choose panelist from various forms of hip-hop. The top DJ's and (that are not radio personalities),Producers,Breakers and dancers,Hip-Hop Shops {The Armory}and few legends in hip-hop that have albums and put them to good use and of course the general public opinion.REMIND YOU THAT A LOT OF THESE ARTIST ARE PAYING OUT OF THERE OWN POCKETS TO SUPPORT THERE DREAMS.... at least give them the common courtesy to be judged fairly by a committee of there own peers. Extreme Props to "Mitchy Slick" and all those selected this year.Please Keep in mind They really work hard. Just cause you dress a certain style that's commercials excepted on TV doesn't give you a title or status. It comes from the journey and the destination. To the promoters and owners of major venues please consider giving The good one's a chance (house of blues or The Coors Amphitheatre) Some of The underground D.J's your C.D game suck's .If i want to hear The Crappy Radio mixes i will turn it on.I Bet everyone is Tired of Dressing up to go to ON BROADWAY and MARTINI RANCH only to mingle because we know there will be no hip-hop or R and B shows going on there.Love the music, be the music,live the music or we will be destined to be Played out like classical and Rock to The popular radio Ratings game.I mean "Clear Channel" Everyone in hip-hop needs somebody's support -Ech
— September 9, 2009 7:42 p.m.

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