Drop the shovel  — more court for Plaza de Panama plan

I suggested in 2011 under a San Diego 2015 & Balboa Park 2015 proposal (which never gained traction) that creation of an automated electric shuttle system for Balboa Park is feasible and removed the need for parking in "The Heart of The Park" when combined with a multi-modal structure on the Inspiration Point parking lot and an access tunnel underneath Park Boulevard and a shuttle bridge behind The Globe's administration building. An automated electric shuttle system could be configured to access all parts of The Park, providing stops at access points that include The Globe. As many of their productions are in the evening, using Zoo Lot and shuttles would actually reduce the steps for physically challenged. The bypass off ramp, roadway, and parking structure create more traffic through Balboa Park while excavating over 10,000 truckloads from next to the Spreckels Organ and transporting them to the Landfill on the Balboa Park East Mesa. The East Mesa is essentially designated as "not build able" because it was created by designating it as a trash dump, filling in a canyon, and creating a situation where the earth continues to settle with Methane gas being generated, A structure on Inspiration Point could have bus system access, light trolley access, auto access, bike access and provide rehearsal facilities and public use rooms - without removing 10,000 truckloads of earth. The Organ Pavillion Parking Lot could be restored to the 1935 Exposition Building that was there, as well as restoring the Pacific Palisades gardens and fountains instead of the unsightly parking lots that exist now. Isn't it truly time to plan and implement for a Balboa Park that will last for many future generations? Think not for yourself, think for those that will come.
— February 23, 2017 9:50 a.m.

Irwin Jacobs Goes Republican Hunting

The reality is that those who are not rich face an uphill battle toward influencing the press or the public. The gullible public tends to think that money equals intelligence equals "looking out for the public's best interests." The skeptic public thinks that the rich are out to make more money and/or influence that achieves the rich person's best interests. "Greed is Good" - and the motives of everyone involved in the Mayor's and other political races are open to question. What should not be open to question is that Jacobs plan to build a bridge, valet parking lot, new road, and paid parking garage within the heart of the National Historic Landmark District in Balboa Park to meet an artificial deadline is like the Titanic's captain endangering his ship by trying to make an artificial deadline. The Master Plan was supposed to be updated every 5 years and only had a 20 year life. It is obsolete. The Mayoral candidates support the Jacobs plan. There is no plan to open up the Master Plan and build an internal and external transportation system that supports San Diego's future. That future should be built around the idea that the preferred method of transportation works better than the private automobile. Is the press influenced by money? Ask the UTSanDiego staffers, where they are owned lock, stock, and paycheck by Papa Doug. Then ask the VOSD staffers, where they hope every day that a new member will step up and support them. It is only when you walk in the shoes of the unemployed, as well as the employed, that you can understand their fears. It is only when you learn that fear is the enemy, that you can conquer your own fear. Vote based upon actions, not based upon words.
— September 14, 2012 2:53 p.m.

Balboa Park shuts down main part of park to the public for private philanthropist Gala

This event is certainly a prelude of what can and will happen during the entire year of 2015 under the Memorandum of Understanding set up between the Mayor and Balboa Park Celebration, Inc. as approved by the City Council. Personally I have a difficult time fathoming how they will be able to plan and execute Pavilions, Events, etc. within and throughout the Park - one of the reasons that I brought forward San Diego 2015 as a way to benefit the Park without major surgery, and benefit the Region with jobs and global focus. No more Free Tuesdays? Parking lots cordoned off so that people coming to events have guaranteed parking? Sections of the Park fenced off for extended periods to accommodate sponsors? Just as with the Plaza de Panama project, a rushed decision was made that the public swallowed because the City has created a situation similar to a starving man seeing food for the first time in a long time, or someone that is parched and dehydrated being given a canteen of water. The built up demand is so great that judgement is skewed. This time the temporary fences only lasted one evening. The Plaza de Panama project's fences, designed to keep people separated from cars descending under the existing roadway and to keep people from jumping off the "Centennial Bridge", are not temporary - just as the new roadway, bridge, and parking garage changes will forever alter the landscape of the Park.
— July 19, 2012 7:02 a.m.

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