Southwestern Suitors

I am wondering why this article didn't make the headline news from Chris Bender at Southwestern College? He should be posting all sides of the public opinion with respect to the developments at Southwestern College. Isn't academia supposed to be able to discuss all avenues of a problem without scurrying off to throw rocks at the opposing side? Why are the administrator people so afraid of the truth coming out? Their pocketbooks....that is why. Their unethical alliances with contractors who are putting money back into their campaign accounts....that certainly smells like a conflict of interest to me! The teachers are very open about who they support and why. The admins are not. If there was transparency at the top levels, this article wouldn't have struck such a strong chord with the administrators...they wouldn't pay any attention to what was said. But as one can read.....they are all cowering in the back rooms....maybe with more catered luncheons at the public's expense too...to discuss the new 'spin' for diverting attention from these latest facts. Maybe Chopra will have a new building constructed to divert attention from the political fund raising. The bottom line is how is the new building or political shenanigans going to provide education for the students? The new buildings are not opening classrooms or providing instruction for the student population. These students want and need the education to further their own endeavors in life. Thank you Susan for writing an investigative report on the continued corruption at the top echelon of Southwestern College.
— August 13, 2010 7:22 a.m.

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