Slab City, CA

HUGE INACCURACY in this article. The Website was done by a guy who stayed here only 3 weeks years ago. He is NOT a resident and he charges $5 to access OUTDATED info. He is also NOT a REPRESENTATIVE of the community, his site is NOT OFFICIAL and both the winter and summer residents are furious that he is using Slab City as a way to rip off internet users. Furthermore, his Slab City Organization (FAKE) claiming to clean up the slabs has never contributed to the residents that meet weekly at community meetings and work on solutions for clean up and other community concerns. I personally have never seen him at any of the lot clean ups that I have been to and The Oasis owners are the only ones that have furnished bags for clean up. So VERY disappointed that the reference in this article was put in as a link because that pushes his website up the page search and more people unaware will end up paying $5 right into his pocket. So the ONLY Website that the residents and Snowbird Visitors approve of as being representative of The Slabs is as nholman accurately described.
— June 23, 2013 7:25 a.m.

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