Graham Downes sudden death raises questions the UT failed to ask

I appreciate the scathing review of UT's coverage, though that is nothing new from a newspaper that is essentially Fox News in print, but I think the emotional appeal toward charging Salgado with murder is otherwise unfounded based on the information currently available. Isn't it possible that they went outside, just the two of them, not intending to fight and that it broke out after a heated argument? That would explain why no witnesses to the actual altercation have been reported. If both were unconscious, perhaps drinking took place prior, after all it was a party. And a little digging would reveal that those in the architecture industry commonly "blow off steam" with colleagues on Thursday nights, not every Thursday, but when it happens, it is typically on a Thursday night. Additionally, anyone who knows W. Juniper, knows what an incredibly steep road it is from Front Street at the community garden down to Brant and beyond. An otherwise harmless fist fight out on the sidewalk or street right there, especially while drunk, could have disastrous results when one or both are knocked off balance and tumble down the street. The lack of reporting by the UT on a potential crime does not need to be balanced with wild speculation on the employee's intent as this article has done. Graham Downes was a great man who did a lot for the otherwise mostly bland built environment San Diego is known for, our thoughts should be with his family and loved ones rather than pointing fingers at what may turn out to be an accidental death.
— April 27, 2013 4:16 p.m.

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