Hilton management uses assault, intimidation in attempt to silence protesters

Makes one wonder why this reporter set out to make a hit piece. Where's the actual journalism? Is there any actual evidence these employees didn't get their breaks? Seems fishy that the company would pick on 28 percent of it's employees in front of the other 72 percent. Did he investigate the break room, to see if it was being used by the employees? Or are these accusations merely a ploy to force the company into allowing the workers to organize in a shady, un-open way? And although this "journalist" was assaulted in plain view of the rooms, valet area, and entrance to this hotel (shoot, wouldn't even be surprised if there are security cameras), no one can substantiate his claim? Not one witness from the masses of "abused," still on-duty employees working the front of this hotel? Maybe a poor valet guy? Or a cause-sympathetic hotel guest? Sounds like a lie, or at least a gross exaggeration. Why the sensationalism, Reader? Watch this video I found after a whole 30 seconds of research: In the above video I painstakingly found (geez, I'm a better investigator than the guy who wrote this article) posted by the group protesting, you can see the (Manager? Boss?) tell the group he would be happy to have a negotiation or union election run through the National Labor Relation Board. He doesn't hide from it. He says, "They have the right to organize, we understand." The only aggression seen in the video is from the side of the protesters. Yet now we're supposed to believe the hotel is super aggressive. Is Dave Rice actually one of the protesters posing as a reporter? Why doesn't the group want a fair election run by the NLRB? The only reason I can think of is that they don't have enough votes in the hotel? Why didn't this "reporter" bother to find any of these opposing viewpoints amongst the employees, even though it stands to reason the majority doesn't harbor this level of resentment? Most of all, why don't you actually do an investigation into the situation at the hotel, rather than a hit piece. As a proud member of a union, I find the tactics that groups like these use are detriment to the rest of us. The reason unions are getting such a bad rap is because of groups like these. Do your union building properly, hold your votes openly and cleanly, or the conservatives are going to keep using examples like this to pick us apart until no one is left believing in the rights of organized workers at all.
— August 29, 2012 10:28 p.m.

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