Average Easy Comforts of La Playa Bistro

Naomi: I have been to La Playa bistro many times and a bit taken back from your unusually harsh review. I am a fan of jambalaya and have enjoyed their version a couple of times. It is not your traditional version, no, but quite good none-the-less. It's very tasty and generous on the ingredients. I like the angle they take on it. The lamb burger, which you mentioned, is a fav of mine and done nicely. You didn't try the mussels and they are quite good as well. Not sure what you are expecting from mac & cheese, but if someone desires mac & cheese, theirs is rather tasty. The fish special changes daily I think and although I have not had the grouper, I almost always jump on it if it is salmon. I think the beef with glass noodles could be a signature dish, it's that good - and it's a very generous portion. As for dessert, the pear tart you mention is my go-to fav w/a glass if their tawny port they offer. Far from BLAND. Also they have a crazy adult version of an ice-cream float made with a unique Maui Coconut porter that shouldn't be missed. B-fasts are REALLY good and you should return to try that on the weekend sometime. I tend to go for the crab benedict. I think they serve local MOTO coffee. Not being a hard core coffee drinker, I do have to say I really like the MOTO. They also do special dinner events on occasion and I have truly enjoyed the Thanksgiving offering they had. One of the best meals I have had at a restaurant in years was their 1st wine pairing dinner and I even went vegetarian instead of their meat "omnivore" choice - very creative and excellent pairing choices. No menu is perfect, but I think your review does a disservice to the community in the regard that La Playa Bistro has many redeeming qualities and very good food. When you're in a better mood, why don't you go back and try some of the other dishes? You might find a way to smile! most sincerely, Dave
— January 25, 2011 4:13 p.m.

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