Lost love to a convent? Or the mob at La Costa Resort?

Hi Ken: I like the article but felt compelled to come to the defense of my almost life long friend Peter Maxwell. I don't believe that is Peter for a moment. He maybe a lefty and I am always right but he is a better and smarter man than to tell these fibs. I do believe this is a poser that has tried to pretend to be part of the old gang. I caught this pretender and exposed him in our group after he threatened physical violence. Then he stated these same lies at that time but as you know, I have always been open and honest and I have invited you to read my post, I mean after all that is what they are there for. I expect to meet Peter and his sister this evening in fact. She would probably brain him if she thought he had written this. Ken I have always tried to be friendly and helpful to everybody. I was invited into the Gay and Lesbian community on outreach. I have conservative views but they do not allow me to be a hater and I feel the real Peter knows this. Now there is one thing that might be halfway true. About being a Xenophobe. I love animals but will not fellowship someone that practices beastiality.... Me, I am a lover and I know what real love is and that is why I have waited for it all my life. I have a shining example in my folks who will be celebrating their 60th. about the time of our reunion. I have definite instincts about what love, life and marriage are all about and that irks the whey out of some. I do like the idea of a slightly crazy persona, maybe it would keep me from having to repeat so much.... Cheers, Rick
— July 22, 2013 11:55 a.m.

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