What Is Mission Valley's Future?

I was deeply involved in the formation and implementation of FSDRIP as a principle not a "suit". There are countless errors in this article. First of all the plan was not approved in 1985. The resolution of intention and notice to proceed was granted in the fall of 87. The project was conceived some 10 years earlier when Denny Martini formerly of the Bond Ranch (owners of 3/4 of Mission Valley in 1908) and Dean Wolf (former Chairman of Federated department stores) looked down the river from Mission Valley Center and said "If we could straighten out the San Diego River and contain the annual flood event; we could re-claim all of that wasted "floodway fringe land". In the article it is mislabeled (check next time before you write) Every year the valley would flood from the water coming down the mountain causing disruption in traffic and businesses. The river had silt and garbage that accumulated annually. The rest of the year it was a dry wasteland. The sewer pipe that ran parallel to the river seeped waste into the river bed. It was an open sewer and garbage dump. 10 years and 10 million dollars in planning funds gave birth to the concept of the FSRIP. The city got involved with some bonds at the END. Nobody cared about the potential loss of all of those planning dollars when there was no guarantee of a plan being approved. The "humpback" construction of the banks, realignment of the river, islands, hydro seeded banks, trolley easement, riprap banking and box culverts that allowed the wetlands to be formed and wild life to return to mission valley to create the beautiful open land of today; if it were not for the original visionaries who risked their capital it still be a garbage dump. The 36 million that was spent by private investors created THOUSANDS of jobs and 100's of MILLIONS of dollars in direct and indirect taxes. Now you have some people who are living in the exact same spot that used to be a garbage dump and cesspool and they are complaining that there is no more open space. They obviously don't know their history. Now all of you who want to complain, imagine building your home on that land, knowing that any year it could be washed down the valley along with the rest of the abandoned tires and trash. Being involved back then gives me insight that today's "vocal minority" just don't have. Instead of complaining why don't you put up the money to buy it and then you can turn it back into what it was before the improvements! Is that silence I hear?
— March 4, 2013 8:43 a.m.

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