I make 300 cups of coffee every day. I get $9 an hour plus tips.

<sarcasm> How truly sad, I am just overcome with compassion for these poor victims of our cruel society. </sarcasm> They are all victims according to the author, who seems to think that these poor, oppressed "workers" are worth more to a private business than the market will bear. This, of course, has to be rectified by government fiat, at the expense of the employer who has to live with the law of supply and demand as it relates to his or her business, but not the oppressed employee. In the case of "Kara Jones", it would seem that she has yoked herself to a lifetime of minimum wage jobs due to her poor life decisions. Dropping out of high school to give birth to her first, then making three more? Then she marries an illegal, er, undocumented alien? How many more bad decisions will she make in life? l would submit that there should be NO minimum wage, as it artificially excludes those at the very bottom of the food chain from gaining that first experience as an employee. Who would want to take a chance hiring a young kid at an inflated $15 per hour? I bet they would at $5 per hour. If they are any good, they will either make more or find a better job. Mr. Good sounds like a shill for the Marxist left, and the Reader has dirtied itself by giving him a platform for his anti capitalist propaganda. I used to think the Reader was a decent publication, but those days are apparently long gone.
— December 20, 2014 4:04 p.m.

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