How Airbnb is ruining Pacific Beach

For the past 20yrs or so, I have lived in a house that I own in OB. I have gone OUT of my way to be a kind, considerate neighbor. Even calling people and banging on doors, to warn them about moving their cars for street sweeping, so they didn't get a ticket. For 15yrs, *I paid* for a "dusk-to-dawn" light through SDG&E, which was mounted on the telephone pole, in front of my house, prior to the utilities being put underground, that benefited everyone.Thanks to ME, a street light is now there. I pick up bag loads FULL of the most disgusting trash imaginable daily, as I walk my dogs around the block. In return, I have had one of the trees in my backyard killed, another poisoned and is dying, by a neighbor who didn't want to sweep up leaves--but of course it's okay for ME to pick up leaves from the tree on his property. I now have absolutely NO privacy and my backyard is more or less useless, since I am surrounded by 2-story houses with balconies. All of my solar lights and various other lawn decorations, that I had in my front yard were stolen, over the past 2yrs, again by another trashy neighbor. Who then proceeded to steal expensive wheel hubs off of my car ($75 each), once I put up an $800 fence, to keep him out. And my car has also been vandalized numerous times, as has my retaining wall, by disrespectful drunks. So, *I* am supposed to be concerned with the "consequences," to these people, IF and WHEN I decide to turn my house into a vacay rental, make a profit from my investment and go live elsewhere? I don't *think* so.
— August 1, 2015 6:50 p.m.

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