Prebys foundation president Debra Turner sues other board members

I have a story, but it would be too long to explain it all, not-to-mention, painful. I went through a case, I was the court appointed guardian of my father's estate. My father moved from Southern California back to Texas when he retired. He developed dementia and the Texas Adult Protective Services pretty much made me seek guardianship after my father's physician filed a report that my father no longer had capacity. My father was in the early stages of dementia. He retired in Texas, to be near his 93 and 96 year old sisters. My cousin "Brenda" had already taken over her grandmothers ranch and was looking for her next source of money. My cousin showered my father with attention and painted me as a "snake in the grass." My cousin even tried to get the court to perform a "judicial trust modification" to eliminate me and my half-sister from the trust. When an individual is falling into the darkness of dementia or Alzheimer's, the people closest to them have an out-sized influence on their decisions. In my case, this was a painful distraction. My father was alive and even had to take the stand in cases that my cousin used one of my old aunts as a Trojan Horse lawsuit. Lot's of money was paid out to lawyers and doctors. One expert witness my legal team hired charged $10,000 for two days of "evaluating my father." My father died but the court shenanigans continued. A dance between a greedy cousin and unscrupulous estate lawyers. It just amazes me how greedy people can be. Especially the "companions." They don't earn the money, they just feel entitled to it.
— May 23, 2017 9:21 p.m.

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