Pacific Beach Foot Traffic, Retail, Up in Smoke

I'm really crying crocodile tears for poor, poor, POOR Mr. Lingenfelder, who wants to inflict more, more, and still more bars on PB residents. Discover PB, the BID -- in PB that's Bar Improvement District -- does nothing to represent the vast bulk of its members but provides advocacy only for the bars, who dominate its board. What about the interests of all the other businesses? So many are being crushed and driven out of business by the drunken customers who frequent these poorly run bars, notorious for over-serving drunks who then drive home drunk. Like most PB residents, the only shopping I do in PB is for groceries. Only a few decent restaurants remain, since the rest have been turned into bars filled with obnoxious drunks. Few shops offer merchandise that would appeal to anyone over 25. PB needs a better business mix. I'd happily shop there then, since I like patronizing local businesses. And what type of tourist wants to patronize the current business mix? Not the ones we want to attract. The Bar Improvement District thinks that only bars belong in PB. Fortunately, not all bars have irresponsible operators. But the BID seems to ignore them and all the responsible business owners who just want a better business and customer mix, people who actually will come to PB, spend money in their businesses without wrecking them or urinating on their sidewalks. These bar owners think they should control PB and that residents have no right to a voice in the future of the community. Responsible bar owners, who monitor their patrons' consumption and don't overserve, are welcome in PB. These guys who control the Bar Improvement District only want to wreck our community and then move on to wreck someone else's community, while they laugh all the way to the bank. We need a new regime in PB, one in which local residents and responsible business owners have a voice. The current BID certainly isn't it.
— April 6, 2011 2:58 p.m.

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