Pacific Beach Foot Traffic, Retail, Up in Smoke

PB has gotten denser with infilling; the traffic gets worse each year. Roads are narrowed to "calm" the traffic, more stop signs are put in, lanes eliminated, etc. It is not a desirable area to drive in for shopping and for most coming to go to the beach is a pain in the butt, too. Lack of parking, meter maids ticketing, etc. It's always been busy, hard to park at certain times but lovely in December and January when people leave town and the you can walk down the middle of Garnet at 9 pm around Christmas time and not be hit by a car, because there are virtually none on the road. The binge drinkers ruined the beach and shut it down and ditto for Kate Sessions Park. So where else can locals get together and socialize: either at their homes they share with roommates- who might not like the idea- or at a bar. With 50% of the population 31 years of age or under do you expect there to be notions stores, yarn shops, tuxedo shops on Garnet? The landlords jack up the rent to get as much as they can. Tattoo establishments, for example, have adequate earnings psf with a low initial capital investment, so the owner can afford the rent. Bars require a big investment but also have a big earnings potential, so their owners can afford the rent, too. With high rents and a young population there is little likelihood that the business mix will change-- it is the invisible hand of supply and demand, pure unfettered capitalism in action, just what all you Faulconer- loving Republicans purportedly support.
— April 11, 2011 5:33 p.m.

The Right to Party Left Intact

#3-- The City of San Diego Makes its own signs. http://www.sandiego.gov/street-div/traffic.shtml read the last paragraph about how this dept makes signs for parks and rec. So therefore the question must be who in the dept of parks and rec ordered the new signs? why? and under whose authorization were the old 8-8 signs changed? You are right, something smells very bad here.
— June 10, 2010 4:46 p.m.

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