Bar Brawl With North Park Rages On

I am not missing the point. I am arguing that it is NOT TRUE that the corner "never had Late Night issues until Bluefoot arrived." I have seen the police reports for the location. I have seen the log book from the previous bar. I have spoken to patrons of the previous bar. They were open until 2am every night AND until 4am on weekends, for years. That accounts for 18 late night hours, compared to the 4 hours Bluefoot has that you claim is such a problem! In the past, there was a large amount of sexual activity occurring outside the bar, in cars and in people's yards (that's why they LOST their right to be open until 4am). There was a large population of homeless in the area, and a drug dealer who was quite established on the corner daily. For people who have been here a long time to conveniently revise the history of the corner to make Bluefoot the "bad guy" is SO WRONG. +It's my understanding that Bluefoot's owners are allowed to make any request of the City for their permit. Your judgement of what they "should" do is irrelevant. But, your opinion was taken into consideration by the NPPC and the City. NP is not enforcing Municipal Codes differently than other areas. JITB has previously conforming rights to have a drive-thru at that location. It's been there since 1961. The code IS being enforced appropriately based on their rights and the associated Municipal Codes. The City Attorney has reviewed this issue, and though you may not agree with it, they have determined that it is legal. Is it because you don't understand the concept of previously conforming rights that you have consistently lied to the public, by saying that Bluefoot is operating illegally?
— December 11, 2010 7:45 a.m.

Bar Brawl With North Park Rages On

If Late Night issues are what we are talking about…For 10, 15, 20 years and even longer, this location has been a bar that was open until 2am EVERY night of the week. This FACT had to be proven to the City. I've heard people say that "that wasn't the same" for a number of reasons. Though many of the neighbors seem to have conveniently forgotten, there were plenty of Late Night issues associated with those previous bars. So perhaps it stands to your reasoning, if "quotes are quotes" then "bars are bars." Is there anyone associated with this situation who DID NOT understand that they were CHOOSING to live next to a BAR? Your statements that "Late Night" issues are caused because the bar "over serves" and doesn't provide "state-mandated security" and are "poorly managed" are FALSE. If the bar truly wasn't obeying the law, then I'm confident the investigations that the protesters allegations have caused (from City and State agencies) would have brought violations to light. If you want to improve the "Quality of Life" in North Park, perhaps you could focus your efforts on NP places where violent crimes are consistently occurring. According to Police statements and official crime MAPS, I can confidently say that Bluefoot is not one of those places. Also, I really don't think that it's Bluefoot that is "making problems for all the North Park business owners." Call me crazy, but could it be the person who is talking about "big lawsuits" and calling successful businesses "blight?"
— December 10, 2010 5:44 p.m.

Bar Brawl With North Park Rages On

Dorian, calling the bar's phone THE DAY of publication DOES NOT constitute an actual effort to get a statement from one of the owners! Adam's email went to [email protected], and specifically requested that it be forwarded to you. My email went directly to you, and I looked back at it. You're correct, I didn't include his phone number. Too bad in your response to me you couldn't even make the effort to request it, or his email address. Also, the protesters who have been in touch with you have the owner's contact info. A simple google search finds easy ways to contact them personally, as well. Is this what journalistic integrity truly amounts to?!
— December 9, 2010 1:01 p.m.

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