The Spirit of OB

Wow dude, thanks for the plug! As our blog nears its nine month anniversary we have seen a great increase in readership and interest. After meeting Frank last year, seeing the old OB Rags and hearing the passion in his voice when he spoke about it, I started pestering him to start a website with the same name. Having had some experience with blogs and Wordpress myself, I registered the domain obrag.org and told him it would be there when he was ready to start writing again. His first post was born out of the firestorms of last fall, a critique of the local media coverage of the fires that seemed to be swallowing the county. We had, only days before, sat on the edge of Sweetwater Reservoir and watched the flames creep over Mount San Miguel and burn towards my mother's house. Since then we have learned a lot, been able to connect with many different people, have included posts from other writers and continue to grow. We hope to continue to fill in the gaps, covering issues that San Diego corporate media ignores or simply refuses to report. Peace and respect, Patty @ the OB Rag http://obrag.org
— July 12, 2008 10:12 a.m.

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