Four Wheelin' in Palm Springs

Awesome - glad you had fun! But if that pic of your son is wearing a helmet, I'm very seriously concerned about the safety practices of this outfit. I've never heard of them, but it sounds like a great introduction to off-roading. There are some great online resources out there for helping you find out more about off-roading (for southern California, glamisdunes.com stands out as a must-visit site). And desert toys these days are going for little more than a song. Please, the most important thing you can take away from your little adventure is the rental group's strictness about caring for the natural flora and fauna of the desert. Yes, there really are people out there who believe desert recreation should be banned in its entirety, as are there others who haphazardly leave trash around, start fires, and mow down bushes with reckless disregard. The latter group fuels the fire of the former, and desert lovers could use some more good families setting the right example. Have fun!
— December 29, 2010 6:09 p.m.

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