I Want Love Now

I thoroughly enjoyed this article and recommended all my other single friends to read this. Sometimes it's very easy to get lost in our fast-paced, I want what I want now kind of world we live in... and although it works out for the material things we seek in life, when looking for a partner, that kind of attitude can be deemed selfish and limiting. Who are anyone of us to judge other people and demand perfection from our mates when in reality, day to day living with our own selves proves that we can't be perfect all the time either. Sometimes I step on the scale and see I gained 5 pounds or I haven't waxed my eyebrows so I'm a hairy beast. Oops. If a man judged me solely on things as superficial as that woman who walked out on her date because he was wearing shorts then we should all quit dating all together! In return, I don't expect The Man Of My Dreams and The Husband Of My Reality to be the exact same guy. That's why it's called fantasy. Everything is always better there otherwise there's nothing else to strive for or to escape to. However I think that's where some people get confused when they try to apply fantasy in the real world. Strive for and day dream about yes, but again, if we can't even accomplish the things we fantasize for ourselves within our control can we really be disappointed in someone who's actions, feelings and physical appearance we have no remote control to change what we don't like?  Unfortunately, we all have to share the real world with the rest of us imperfect people... I'm not one to say settle... But one must be realistic and realize that just because they themselves have a list of demands, it doesn't mean their perfect man/woman will find them to be ideal in return.  Anywho... I share the article's pain :-) Happy Hunting to all us still single and looking! 
— June 13, 2011 10:30 p.m.

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