Pedaling Diego: San Diego's Growing Bicycle Mania

RE: Spandex Wearing Bike Riding Cry Babies! No you do not have the right to block freeways and streets with your shiney little expensive TOYS! HELLO! BIKES ARE TOYS! I am sick and tired of your nonsense, bikes run stop signs and red lights and cut off cars daily because they strap their little ballerina bikey shoes onto their pedals. If you can't stop your vehicle it is not street legal. If you can do 15mph in a 30 mph zone that is not legal. If you want to ride on the freeway on your little toys, that's not legal. We need some serious bike rider laws, like big license plate displays so you can pay for your traffic violations, go to traffic school to learn how to ride your bikey in the street and huge registration fees (oh yeah the free 'ride' is soon to be over)to pay for the 100's of miles of bike lanes that you people can't seem to use. Its shocking that the city allows a permit to allow bike riders to snarl traffic, 'a driver frustrated and surrounded like a mouse attacked by hornets' and 'It's refreshing to be on the attack..'. this is hateful that you are out to punish car drivers?!! Maybe I'll join you next time with a box of carpet tacks. What is the city thinking. Call your City Counsel person and tell them bikey riders are a very small minority and should be prosecuted for traffic violations, surrounding motor vehicles and scratching their paint. Play with your toys in your yard, stop whining and pay registration fees
— January 2, 2011 12:07 p.m.

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