Robert Johnston

Robbiebear's In Love! This my ladylove Pam, In who I am well pleased! --LPR
— August 22, 2012 11:49 a.m.

What is the Constitutional Oversight Posse?

The COP, eh? Just finished reading your entry--I hope you are prepared to see your movement go up in smoke. Your "organization" sounds like yet another anti-Obama Tea Party clone that may have it's day, but in the end, will go the way of all such groups...overtaken by events. For if Obama loses to Romney, will you be going after Mitt and whomever he appoints as Attorney General with the same vigor? You might also remember that even if Obama wins, he'll just be a one-term president--if somebody doesn't cap him first. And who's to say that Holder may be AG if Obama wins in November? Besides, putting House Speaker Boehner "on notice" (and the President Pro Tem of the Senate, who is in charge of the Senate when Vice President Biden is not) regarding anything isn't that smart to begin with. Frankly, Boehner is part of YOUR wing of the GOP, am I correct (plus he's up for re-election this year)? Frankly, sir, your "patriotism" is nothing short of what Oscar Wilde called "A virtue of the vicious"--a trait shared by your fellow "true believers" in the Tea Party and other like-minded groups. Your entry merely proved Wilde's point entirely. From where I sit, your vitriol towards Barack Obama and his Administration has little to do with patriotism--and entirely with a personal vendetta about the "wrong man" being elected President. The fact that many share your viewpoint shows how far this issue has divided the nation. You and your kind no more represent We The People than the ACLU represents all American liberals (for the record, I do not belong to the ACLU, and to neither political party as well. I am an Independent, if you must know). In the end, you only represent yourself and your beliefs. You may have others in your life who believe as you do--which is good. However, do not try to insinuate that you and your kind represent The American People as a whole. For you most certainly do not. Having said my say, I bid you Good Day! --RKJ
— May 30, 2012 3:22 p.m.

Let’s Be Friends

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