MAD: Advisory or Oversight Committee?

"Reader" readers, writers and editors: 1st– This article is not balanced news. Lengthy quotes from community member, John Kroll, who's been angry about the very idea of a Maintenance Assessment District for years, were not balanced by quotes from community members who worked for years to get the MAD established for the benefit of Greater Golden Hill. To make matters worse, his statement, as usual, are incorrect (to be diplomatic). Isn't it the responsibility of the media to check facts and present balanced articles – or was this a misplaced & misnamed editorial or opinion piece? 2nd– The comment by BlueIsland (who is ??? and related to the community how? and affected by the MAD how? and gets or makes up his/her "information" where?) contains many additional incorrect statements and insults as well. FYI, some of the most vocal dissenters own income property, but do not live in GH. Just so I avoid being anonymous, I've put in countless volunteer hours, working side by side with many other community members, since 1974 to help make Greater Golden Hill an even nicer place to live. I, too, own income property so my annual assessment, and that of many other MAD supporters, is significantly larger than that of many of the disrupters/dissenters–none of whom have been in the large cadre of volunteers that I've grown acquainted with over these many years. 3rd– From this one-sided article and the tone of the BlueIsland comment, rational readers can tell why MAD meeting are sometimes rancorous (maddeningly so). A small number of people try to force their will on others by being so disruptive that business cannot be carried on. Readers, please visit the GGHCDC web site regularly for the truth about the Greater Golden Hill Maintenance Assessment District: http://www.goldenhillcdc.org.
— June 19, 2008 6:20 p.m.

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