Cities Across The County To Consider Enacting Medical Marijuana Ordinances

Pot users of course claim its harmless, denial is typical trait of an addict. The Federal Drug Administration has studied smoked marijuana for over 30 years and concludes that it is a highly toxic, addictive, cancer-causing weed. There are 483 chemicals in marijuana and when smoked or ingested there are 4 to 5 times more tars and cancer causing agents than in tobacco cigarettes. In 2009, the California Office of Environmental Health and Assessment Science listed marijuana as a cause of cancer. Marijuana is also known to cause respiratory and reproductive problems, mental illness, birth defects and irreversible brain damage. We support law enforcements’ efforts to close down illegal pot storefronts. Pot shops are illegal and being abused. Del Mar’s recent impact report on permitting pot shops confirms many of the communities’ concerns, the following are some of the reports findings: 1) Selling pot in a storefront, “is not authorized by California medical marijuana laws and violates the federal Controlled Substances Act” and exposes any landlord to asset forfeiture for participating in an illegal activity. 2) The Initiative proposes a unique City tax on medical marijuana higher than the uniform sales tax rate imposed by California law; would require Board of Equalization (“BOE ”) to cease collecting all sales taxes in Del Mar. 3) “Serious Felons” and other convicted criminals are expressly authorized to obtain permits to operate marijuana storefronts and precious Federal grant money provided to the City is jeopardized if the City is required to issue permits authorizing violation of federal law. 4) There are no enforcement tools to ensure the marijuana storefront operations comply with the proposed initiative, nor will it allow the City to charge the storefronts a fee to offset likely needed additional public safety expenditures. 5) The ballot initiative mandates “City employees issue permits authorizing distribution of marijuana, aiding and abetting violation of California and federal criminal laws. The U.S. Attorney has concluded that City employees are not immune from criminal prosecution.” 6) The pot shops’ business permits cannot be revoked or expire. 7) Del Mar business licensing requires that the business NOT be in violation of city, state and federal laws, so even if the ballot initiative was approved by voters shops could not receive a Del Mar business license because their operations violate state and federal law.
— July 26, 2012 8:25 a.m.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Challenge U.S. Attorney's War on Medical Marijuana

I always laugh when a pot shop profiteer says their customers will "go back to the streets", as their pot shop is being shut down. What they are really concerned about is their profit loss. No government, court or law enforcement entity has taken away a TRUE pot care-giver relationship. It’s a myth the pro-pot advocates and their lobbyists have created, that if you can’t buy pot while picking up some groceries, you’re only resort is the black market. Follow the true care-giver relationship law; selling pot out of a storefront is NOT the law. ‘Medical marijuana’ is a cheeky marketing ploy created by the pro-pot lobby to down play its negative effects on the body and bolster the lie that it’s harmless. There has never been, nor ever will be an approved medicine that is smoked. This is the 21st century, we understand how inhaling smoke into our lungs can’t be healthy. It’s one thing if an adult wants to make an unwise decision to smoke marijuana, but to have the pro-pot lobby bombard us, especially naïve young people, with false claims that marijuana is harmless is dangerous and appalling. MARIJUANA DOES CAUSE CANCER – FACT: The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment of the California Environmental Protection Agency added marijuana smoke to the Proposition 65 list effective June 19, 2009. Marijuana smoke was considered by the Carcinogen Identification Committee (CIC) of the OEHHA Science Advisory Board at a public meeting held on May 29, 2009. The CIC determined that marijuana smoke was clearly shown, through scientifically valid testing according to generally accepted principals, to cause cancer.
— July 24, 2012 6:18 p.m.

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