Battle on the Beach

Response to post #30: At a meeting with Mike Singleton, the option of a 'shorter' road was discussed. When asked if there would be a problem if the dogs had access to the boats, the paddlers representative said 'that would be a problem'. So, the option of re-routing the road (ie,-shortening it) would not do anything to resolve the conflict. FIDO's position from the beginning is that we have no other place to go, so yes, we will fight for our 90 acre fenced exercise area. However, our intention has always been to find a compromise that would provide a space for ALL users, dog owners and paddlers included. We have never said that the paddlers were unwelcome or didn't deserve a space. However, their location within our area will require roads, fences and parking lots that will bisect our space and make it less usable and dangerous, not to mention the $20 million price tag. Their insistence on locating within our area remains a mystery to us as there are other existing locations within Mission Bay that fulfill the list of requirements that they themselves gave to the developer (KTU&A) at a meeting on October 4, 2006. These other locations already have roads, parking lots and other costly improvements in place. The paddlers seem determined to roadblock this project by refusing to consider these locations. FIDO has no interest in delaying this project or taking this fight to council chambers (I think the city council has much more important issues to deal with right now) What we're asking for is a fair and equitable solution and to not be displaced from the only place in all of Southern California that allows us to exercise with our off-leash dogs. This is not about the dogs but about the 1000's of humans who want a place to go and exercise,- with their dogs.
— February 6, 2009 8:35 a.m.

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