Washington-Based Think Tank Suggests Prop 37 Labeling Goes Too Far

Should foods containing peanuts not be labeled? Should foods containing wheat not be labeled? Just as some people are allergic to peanuts or wheat, I am allergic to GMOs. More specifically, I believe I am allergic to the Bt-toxin. It made me very sick. It made my dad very sick. And it made my oldest son very sick. But then I read a blog by a lady how had the same symptoms as I, and she had made a stew for her husband. They ate and gave the rest to their dog. There dog almost died. She found out the corn she had been genetically modified to make the Bt-toxin. My avoiding the Bt-toxin, my dad and I recovered. But it was too late to save my son who died of cancer. You cannot live on "fast food" because most of it has been genetically modified to be deficient in metal nutrients [RoundUp Ready] and to contain the Bt-gene that makes the Bt-toxin that causes stomach and gut problems. Since most GM foods are deficient in chromium, and chromium is needed to activate insulin, I believe consumption of GM foods [without supplements] is a major cause of type 2 diabetes. Since most GM foods are deficient in cobalt, and cobalt is at the center of the vitamin B-12 molecule, I believe GM foods [without supplements] can lead to lack of growth. That very much affects pregnancies. YES, I strongly support the labeling of GM foods just as there is labeling of foods containing peanuts. And that labeling should not cost any more then the labeling of peanuts. i.e. just a trace more ink on the label. I believe what Monsanto is scared of is us finding out why the United States is ranked 17th of industrial nations in health. I suspect that most of the cost of non-trauma health care in the United States is due to reactions to GM foods.
— October 3, 2012 3:01 p.m.

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