No one cares about the Barrio. Most of San Diego sees Barrio Logan as a wasteland. The City of San Diego destroyed the community of Barrio Logan in the 70's with the introduction of 4 recycling plants and a freeway interchange in the middle of this community. Add in the close proximity to the shipyards and the terrible air quality, and you've got a place no one wants to live. Everyone tells me to move. "You can afford it, just move to a nicer area," they would say. But what about the people that can't afford to move? The families barely scraping by that are stuck in the barrio, unable to move are at a major disadvantage. I'd bet my bottom dollar there are not a lot of chances for the children of these families to live normal, happy lives. No bets about it, I see the kids playing on the sidewalks and yards when I go to buy groceries. By 7 years old the majority of these children know more about homelessness and drug addiction than most college graduates. It saddens me deeply. To me, moving away would just be abandoning those children. But I can't post a rant about something I don't like without DOING something about it. I'm going to spend a few hours on the first Saturday of May picking up trash on the street. Call it a "community cleanup" if you will. I'll stick to Boston Ave between 28th and 32nd. I highly doubt anyone will come out to help me, but if you see a guy walking down Boston in a reflective vest with a trashbag and a stick... a honk and a wave are always appreciated. -Joshroy
— April 30, 2013 10:51 a.m.

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