Afro Puffs

As a Caucasian woman with African American children who now attend a predominantly white school, I get this article 100%! I went to a very diverse high school. My children would have gone to the same school. However, times change. Not quite the same school system. I chose to send my youngest son to the "country" for high school. His first couple of months were rocky. He would hang out with his "city" friends on the weekends and try to convince me that he was uncomfortable at his new school. I knew he would adjust. He's that kind of kid who gets along with everyone. The peacemaker. As I knew he would, my son thrived at his new school. Teachers, parents, as well as community members loved my GOLDEN boy! Not so much when each of my two daughters entered the same school. Daughter #1 has rolled her eyes and smacked her lips as long as she's been walking! Although very respectful of adults, she'll cut into another kid at the drop of a hat! Everyone expected her to be like her brother. She's not an athlete, she's a writer. "But she's Cameron's sister, she has to be athletic! " No, and please stop stereotyping. She's always been a thick girl. Small waist, big bottom, big top. Not a lot of the white boys at school like her but enough to keep her the slightest bit confident. Daughter #2 enters. Fresh from the predominantly black city school of performing arts. A singer. No choir class at the new school. She's chubby and has full beautiful lips and long, thick, curly hair. She makes friends easy. Not a problem. But the boys? Outside of the ones who are her friends, awful! When your child tells you that an older boy called her "fat, black, and ugly", you are ready to do whatever it takes to make.her pain go away. We can't change how other people act or feel. We can, as Mrs. Salaam is doing, reinforce our children's self esteem and identity. I tell people all the time, until you have truly loved a person of color, I mean loved with all your being, you will NEVER understand what non-white folks may endure. Don't be so simple minded, folks. Don't judge an article by its title.
— July 30, 2012 7:33 a.m.

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