Hey, Craigslist, Where Did My Ad Go?

An amusing story which bears little resemblance to the facts in general and fails in some facts in particular. Congratulations on a trivial hit piece written from ignorance if not worse. Your star witness is the one who wrote “Who ever you are just go away please.… TRY GETTING A LIFE.” http://craigslist.org/forums/?ID=181020257 Right? Yes, flag help can be rowdy but it DOES represent "folk wisdom". Also, your star witness failed to follow forum guidelines both times he started a thread there. That never helps a serious request for help. It also seems from what little you both say that he had been abusing the site for some time while he was "making a killing" or some such. Your own anecdote is amusing but ambiguous or worse. You were trying to sell a used bike on craigslist for 3x what a bike shop would pay for it?! Surely you jest, Shirley! And you gave up when you say your post "disappeared" after you got one flakey inquiry (to your grossly overpriced "item")? This is literally unbelievable, as are other things you wrote. "As of this writing, Craigslist has not responded to my questions about what, if anything, they are doing to address the situation." Which situation? That there is a lot of trash talk on the web? LOL! That you couldn't post a new ad for your bike? No staff support for free ads. That your star witness evidently had been abusing the site for a long time and was "banned" (his term which doesn't fit common craigslist terminology at all) for 90 days? To paraphrase his own words, "Get a life!" I invite you to post on the cl-help desk forum under a registered handle, to discuss any problems you have, or had, using a craigslist site. http://craigslist.org/forums/?forumID=9 Sign me, Not On Staff
— March 31, 2011 10:08 p.m.

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