Checkpoint Moolah

I am almost ashamed that I wasted several minutes reading this article. Apparently you don't need fact checking, a college background or people who know anything about which they speak. But then again, you Moss are working for a free magazine that promotes marijuana use every other page. So I will go easy - first your reliable witness is a housewife (nothing wrong with that my mother was one for most of my childhood)does she also possess a background in Grant writing and allocation? In her "investigation" did she bother to ask anyone for a copy of the grant specifics to ensure the money was misdirected, does she even know how to locate such information? Do you Moss? I love that you pulled out the big guns from drama camp to describe the expressive way in which unlicensed and drunk drivers react when in fact the police do their job and tow the family car. Maybe Mrs. Leiendecker can explain to little Billy why mommy is freaking out after driving her children around on a suspended license - because I guarantee that the first unlicensed driver that hits Leiendecker's car and her insurance rates sky rockets she will be beating down Escondido Police Department's door demanding justice. Leiendecker's right, police work should be free and let's terminate cops pensions after sacrificing their lives for truly remarkable citizens such as Leiendecker. Let's also abandon Christmas parties because they improve morale - in fact let's let Leiendecker run the show. What a ridiculous waste of time both of your efforts were.
— August 5, 2010 12:52 p.m.

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