There's Been an Accident. Jadean Didn't Make It.

I just finished reading this article and these comments. I feel so sorry for Staci and her family. I feel sorry that Staci needs help dealing with her loss and I agree with some of everyones comments. I have followed the legal system for decades and I believe it needs to be improved. But I don't believe Staci is going about this in the right way. She goes on and on about all the yelling at different agencies and people and how the Judge was wrong, and this and that. It really detracted from the story. Judges don't make the law, they follow a very specific set of rules and guidelines that were in place and created by legislation. If a Judge sways, and some do, then their decision usually gets challenged and you know the rest of the story... Usually the appeal overrules a Judges decision that falls outside the sentencing guidelines. Staci is spending her time making posters and t-shirts attacking the Judge, when she should be channeling this negative energy to try to change legislation in Sacramento or at the nations capital. And police and sheriff's have to follow the rules too. I frankly was getting tired of all the references Staci made about her upper handed remarks and rude and insulting comments she made to everyone in the system who disagreed with her. Almost like she was keeping a score card. Our police don't have to stand there and be yelled at, or insulted when they make an attempt to express their condolences, and they don't have to return phone calls if they know all they are going to get is more of the same. I am a retired school teacher. I have dealt with parents every single day of my 29 years of teaching. The vast majority of the interactions was highly positive. Yet from time to time there were parents who simply were out of touch with what was going on in their childs life, and with often tragic consequences. And there were those parents who expected the school system or police department to clean up their mess at home, or wave a magic wand and fix all the injustices. I support our police and sheriff, but I don't always agree with them and I am the first to support weeding out the bad ones. But I see nothing in her article to suggest there was anything the sheriff department could have done differently, and I am not convinced it was all as Staci's account suggests it was. I don't blame the detective Wells for not returning her phone calls if all Staci was going to do is be rude and insulting and creaming for something that could not be produced for her. I have to imagine the authorities would have loved to figure out a way to lock this person up and throw away the key! I hope Staci can come to grips with her tragic loss and channel her energy for real changes.
— June 7, 2008 9:32 a.m.

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