One Dope Boat

This is an beautiful example of state and federal government waste. This bust exemplifies why California is broke, and here is why. I'm assuming about 5 or 6 Deputies from the Imperial Beach sheriffs’ substation arrived on the scene. 2:20 a.m.(night premium pay), let's figure 2 units from the Otay Detention Center and probably a minimum of 2 more from Bonita were called to assist in the search for more people. The helicopter pilot was instructed to search the coast from Seacoast Drive to the Imperial Beach Pier and from the Tijuana Estuary to the border fence (Spotter, Pilot, Fuel and Maintenance $10-25k). Border Patrol let's assume 4 Patrol personnel, and they also had a patrol boat (Fuel, Maintenance costs $500-2k) to assist in the search. For six duffel bags of marijuana, 200-plus pounds of marijuana total street worth of what maybe a $100,000.00, only $15-$20k worth of profit. All said and done probably $250,000.00-$1.2 million dollars of tax payer money spent once the legal system gets involved on a State, Federal and International level to keep $20,000.00 dollars in profit from hitting the pockets of those involved. And the "would be" buyers of the marijuana involved in this bust will inevitably find an alternate source for their marijuana. In fact they already have. Only now we are facing a $26 billion defecit, plus the additional 1 million, two hundred thousand dollars we've spent on this. This doesn't represent a bust, but rather a heist, of your taxpayer money. The war on drugs is an abismal failure and a fiscal vacuum. AB390 is right. Prohibition has completely failed us and costs tax payers an exhorbitant amount of money that California can no longer keep borrowing to pay for. Regulation works, taxation works; it has successfully curbed the use of tobacco and alcohol. Educate yourself, and get involved with your government.
— June 13, 2009 9:48 p.m.

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