Filner accuser McCormack Jackson to get $250K

April is exit time when plundering paradise FACT April 2, 2013 Donna Frye's resignation from City of San Diego http://www.sdcitybeat.com/sandiego/article-1221... April 1, 2014 Irene McCormack's resignation from City of San Diego OPINION The City Council of San Diego sold out San Diego residents February 10, failing to fight these allegations and settling without presenting credible evidence to voters who elected Filner mayor. Instead, voters get a callused photo op an Election Day that cost taxpayers MILLIONS as a result of this woman’s unproven allegations. This woman has cost us millions and thinks we care people at roadside restrooms talk to her? All she’s accomplished is broadcasting narcissism on an international scale, raiding public coffers with her City job and lawsuit, and humiliating a city with a high rate of longterm unemployed hopeful Filner’s policies would create jobs. The lynch mob this woman was part of created a horrific playbook to build on in years to come. … an already plundered paradise was gangraped by greedy narcissists who established brand recognition to capitalize on for years while San Diego residents watch billions needed to for infrastructure go nowhere. Where do we sue Irene for the emotional distress she caused us? WOMEN WHO MATTER & DON'T GET ENOUGH PRESS We support the real victims of sexual assault in San Diego. These are the voices we believe need press conferences http://www.10news.com/news/investigations/inves...
— February 11, 2014 4:21 p.m.

Former Filner staffer asks for $1.48 million in damages

Oldie, What I heard was Filner's punishment in another case unrelated to McCormack's, which didn't fit a crime. LAPD officers found to have pressured women to engage in sex acts with them in their car while on duty get disciplinary hearings, while Filner has to plead guilty to murky charges for three Jane Does the public doesn't know a thing about? His punishment for lesser accusations were way off the top compared to cops who misuse their uniforms. http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-lap... Filner has to forfeit his pension for an ass tap, but a coach who rapes a student gets one year in jail and three years probation http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-soc.... The actions Filner pled guilty to with three unidentified Jane Does never fit. Logan Jenkins and his wife meet the reasonable woman standard McCormack must meet: http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2013/Oct/15/no-w... With regard to McCormack, there are staff notes that she wasn't a qualified Comm Director who couldn't write speeches. Filner has consistently denied her allegations from the getgo, including his documented confusion to McCormack's panty bait at their last meeting: ...notes also suggest what may be Filner's defense against a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former staffer: she was judged to be doing a poor job and possibly was angry that she was facing removal from her $125,000 a year post. The notes were taken by now-Chief of Staff Lee Burdick at a June 20 "policy meeting" and a June 29 "emergency meeting." Filner did not waver or plead guilty to a single IMJ claim: Jackson "failed to utilize and exhaust the city of San Diego's internal grievance and/or complaint procedures and remedies." Filner's conduct "was not sufficiently severe or pervasive" to create a hostile or abusive work environment on the basis of sex," according to the city attorney's response. While the document, first revealed by reporter Dorian Hargrove in the San Diego Reader, could be seen as a pro forma response to a civil lawsuit, it also suggests that the city attorney does not plan to merely agree to the lawsuit's assertions and offer a settlement. http://articles.latimes.com/2013/sep/14/local/l... Dorian - Thanks again for great reporting. I missed the mainstream pick ups when commented earlier http://www.cbs8.com/story/24053556/woman-report.... Reader and Tony Perry are the few outlets with objective coverage. Even the CBS pick up Saturday omitted Filner's response to Jackson. Being disgruntled isn't sexual harassment. She's maintained employment at the City, so not sure where the loss of income comes from and those "emotional" damages were her own doing for courting press instead of filing with the court away from cameras.
— November 24, 2013 11:20 a.m.

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