"Jeff Smith's Theater Essay 'Mind and Hand Together' goes on and on about 'how did Shakespeare do it? How did the author of King Lear...compose two plays a year for almost two decades?' with out even the mention of the on going obvious? Fact: The first 'Shakespearian Plays' were documented years after the actor's/ director's/ publicist's death. Fact: There is very very little original first hand documentation. The vast majority of the 'works' were recreated from memory years later. Fact: At a time [the Age of Expoloration/ the Renascence where the biggest geopolitical story, the proof of a round globe verses a flat map: North and South America, the 'Shakespeare Works' only mention the New World twice. En toto! Fact: William Shakespeare was a grade school drop out, and poorly read. Yes, Bill Gates is a Harvard drop out. Yes, my personal hero, Bucky 'Geodesic Dome' Fuller, was a two time Harvard drop out. Yes, Einstein was a mid level clerk in the Swiss patent office. However: Einstein was also a PhD. As was the person whom helped him on the math side of his ponderings ---- his first wife. Italy is mentioned, by the 'British play writer' Shakespeare, almost as much as the UK. Hmmmmmmm: Four centuries after the Age of Liz I, the debate concerning the real identity of the Bard Continues. Most of the suspect ghost writers are British college educated rebels spending banishment time in the old Roman Empire! How did two plays a year get cranked out of the Old Globe? Maybe via the 1600s equivalent of FedEx from Italy. Maybe Billy Shakespeare was more of the conduit than the original inspiration for the 'Shakespearean Works'. But not one word from Jeff. Oh well, many would think that Reader readers deserve better. Donald R. Lake late of UCSD Chula Vista [email protected] 619.420.0209
— June 15, 2009 5:27 p.m.

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