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I love Baja, and when I was married (my ex-husband and I used to lease a lot in Loreto and drive down there to spend a week fishing and enjoying life whenever we could), we used to visit Tijuana often (we lived in Mira Mesa; I now live in Imperial Beach) for dinner at great places someone told us about, or little out-of-the-way places we just happen to come across and decided to try (one of which is where we agreed, after about 15 years together, "Why don't we get married?") or just to look around and experience the interesting city, talk to the folks in what little Spanish we knew, etc. I've traveled by car, camped, hiked, fished, and have done a lot of eating and drinking Mexican beer all up and down Baja. MANY years ago I was robbed twice within about a month (there had apparently been a rash of minor robberies by vandals coming into the Ensenada area on foot), but it didn't keep me from returning. I saw an article about Turista Libre in San Diego Magazine, and since there was no contact info, I looked it up on line. Candidly, the site seems to be more about gay activity than tours to Tijuana. I am not prejudiced or bigoted and have nothing whatsoever against gay people and in fact have several gay friends who are the sweetest and most fun folks I know, but it would seem this is quite unprofessional if you're attempting to appeal to all customers, not solely the gay ones. Just my impression and opinion, of course -- that's all I have to offer. I understand your tours are very popular, but unless I was looking at the wrong website (, I suspect you'd have far more customers if the website was more about Tijuana and less about gay folks. I am not trying to be offensive -- I would really like to go on one of the tours, even though I live just across the border, and I'm very curious about when you go and what the cost is, but I'm just trying to convey to you my impression in hopes that it may provide another perspective for successful marketing of the tours. Best of luck, and I'd very much appreciate your responding with some contact info. Thank you.
— January 16, 2012 6:02 p.m.

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