Wind turbines are everywhere out here

There is much to learn about the energy industry, I am a "downwinder", grew up near the Hanford reaservation and would like to bring some clarity to the arguments regarding energy and its pros and cons. @jja262 _ what you dont know will kill you, and what you think you know is ever more dangerous. @Aboggs- Do you know enough to speak of anything? Intelligently? In Engrish? @Startaster - lets stay on the planet surface. Please. I sell the largest variety of the best tin foil hats at @ Padredog - come up with viable solutions or some oral duck tape. @Pj lidsay - :"There's always gonna be a little waste on a big job like this" - Enrico Fermi @Everyone else We are humans and problems come with the territory, we hate, we create, we procreate and commit every known sin against our mother planet and we all know it. Fix that at home, fix that in your needs and wants. So, lets keep it real. As long as we need dishwashers and air conditioning, security and water, as long as we need internet and garage door openers.....we need power. YOU are ever looking for and buying into modernistic upgrades that all cost energy. Few of you are actually responsive to the blowback. The comments here reflect that. Donkey Hoaty
— August 27, 2013 6:54 p.m.

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