Alliant University's San Diego campus could be sold

Visduh, CSPP (California School of Professional Psychology) is one of the most reputable schools in the field. Our faculty have included such icons as Jay Haley, Viginia Satir, and and Carl Whitaker. CSPP offers undergrad psych degrees, as well as masters in MFT, and Ph.D. and Psy.D as well. I choose to attend Alliant because of the history and track record. It is not just an education, it is a live changing experience. It is a professional practice university, which is more geared toward preparing students for the work force. I can tell you that I am far more knowledgeable and experienced than peers from other universities. The sky is the limit at Alliant. There have been several cases were students from Alliant present at APA conferences as undergrads. The faculty are also a major draw. Many of them are leaders in the field and possess an unmatched ability to draw out the best in every student. The classroom size is significantly smaller than competitors (15-25). I wanted to know who my professors were and them to know me. I am getting exactly what I researched and expected to get (prior to enrolling). It was also important to me that the school be accredited and a non-profit. Perhaps my statement of being "no options" was a bit extreme. Allow me to clarify, I am not out of options, as I believe I can over-come any challenge put in my path, but this was not a challenge that I anticipated encountering from an organization that I've paid more than $80,000. I more expected to be offered a helping hand rather than struggle to remove the hand forcing my head under water. There is simply no good that can come of this. Thousands stand to lose something, while this group of investors will likely celebrate at St. Andrews golf course.
— October 18, 2013 11:05 a.m.

Alliant University's San Diego campus could be sold

You nailed it. This is more about the personal gain of a few: Sacrificing the livelihood of so many. I have never seen so much greed and corruption. The founder of this institution would be spinning in his grave if he knew all his effort, hard work, and dedication to doing good in the field led to this. The student body is wide awake and have gone as far as discovering that one of the investors in this group also played a part in the recent teach out of Chancellor. In fact, it is believed that he was on the board of directors at Chancellor and later contributed to Alliant taking over the Chancellor courses. Is that by chance, or part of a scheme that has been in the works for some time now? The website for this group claims online diversity as a staple, yet, when asked, Dr. Cox assured the student body that online course will not be part of the transition. Ironically, Chancellor is 100% online. It seems odd to deny a focus of online courses with this new take-over. Mr. Cox has established student forums online that allow us to ask questions, which he selectively answers and dodges accordingly. He continues to label this as a 90-day investigation period where "we" check the facts, yet every response to a post is him pushing his agenda. In other words, he clearly has an intention of making it happen, but I guess it will help him to sleep better at night knowing that he opened this forum for us to make an informed decision. In closing, we teach Management at this school, yet the behavior and choices of our president displays the worst management model that would cause any company to fail. We also teach psychology, yet any of our graduates (even those who barely made it) would violate so many ethical codes that effect the lives of so many as he plans to. I hope the money that you expect to steal by forcing this sale to go through is enough to blot out the guilt of ruining the lives of people who's only aim was to do good Mr. Cox.
— October 18, 2013 10:43 a.m.

Alliant University's San Diego campus could be sold

I am a current student at AIU and find it a bit odd how the conversation has shifted from the topic of this article to sweetwater. Although these students are people too, and have invested a decent amount of energy into preparing for college, we (current students) selected this school on the premise that we would complete our degree and it will mean something. These high school students have other options. They can select another school. We, however, are many who will leave several hundred thousand dollars in student loan debt. Our only option is to continue. Some of us are on our last semester, last class, or last week. What is the answer for those students? The whole things seems a bit fishy. The recent take over of Chancellor, entering a 90-day period to investigate the pros and cons, when the only pros are coming from the Dr. Cox and a whole slew of cons from the students and faculty. This sale would not only effect current students, but also alumni (who have not been notified of this change, and also make up just under half of the licensed clinicians in CA). It is the most barbaric sales pitch I've ever heard. "hey students, we are planning to sell your school to a group of investors, but it's not going to effect the stature of your education or tarnish your degree." So this is basically new math and we have located the only "investors" on the face of this earth who are not looking to turn a profit. Alliant always has been on the cutting edge, so i guess it is not odd that we have found these investors who care about the reputation of this institution and it's graduates (sarcasm). It should also be noted that Alliant is nestled into the scrips ranch community just off I-15 (the land was recently considered to be purchased by Kaiser Permanente). In other words, what would stop these investors from sucking the remaining money out of the school and those of us who have no choice but to continue paying $650-$1800 per unit/credit hour, and then selling the land once the school tanks. Ok, continue your talk about high school students who still have options.
— October 18, 2013 8:51 a.m.

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