Chula Vista Project Raises Ethics Questions for Council Members

Is this **really** what city leaders want by re-zoning Eastlake’s final parcel of land? Our City leaders appear to have a blind eye on the Eastlake master community with over three thousand residents directly affected in this local area. **Not just one, but all Eastlake residents are the stakeholders** - stakeholders who have supported this community through difficult times and have a collective average investment of over $1.5 billion. It seems that this zoning change put $80 million into the hands of the non-resident property owner/developer who has helped fund council member’s elections. **It raises concerns of a possible conflict of interest within city leaders.** Really? … Just to support and increase **ONE NON-RESIDENT PROPERTY OWNER/DEVELOPER?** If this owner gave monies to elected officials, why were the officials still able to discuss and vote for this zoning change? **Shouldn’t elected officials avoid any potential unethical behavior?** Really? … One property owner has this much influence on our elected officials? Come on city leaders. **It ain’t right!** **Overcrowded schools** and streets are already big problems in our beautiful community. How can city leaders ignore all of the residents who have children in over-packed schools? Apparently city council members have easily decided to make our schools even more over-crowded and dilute our children’s education. **City Leaders… What is really happening here?**
— October 4, 2012 10:38 a.m.

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