Christopher Corbett-Fiacco

“Heartbreak Bob” Reisinger found after Normal Heights house fire

sadly, it happened because he was a 55 year-old single man looking at old age (i know the feeling) who was also an alcoholic who didn't, maybe couldn't, get sober and maintain it, who lived in a studio cottage for years behind his grandmother, who died last year, in the same neighborhood (same house, even?) he grew up in 50 yrs ago etc and he doubtless saw nothing changing in a life he didn't really want to live anymore. he may have also been drunk at the time, which clearly obscures more rational thought. sad because there is help and there are ways of crawling out of life's holes even if you have to scratch and claw and crawl your way out. i know because the last time i was suicidally depressed about 8 yrs ago was the worst in my lifetime and i told the psychiatric staff at the gifford clinic that i was in a hole so deep that there was one pinpoint of light and didn't know if i had the mental/emotional/physical energy to scratch and claw and crawl my way out, and might commit suicide, and that if i did, they shouldn't feel that it was their fault or anyone else's, but my decision that i couldn't endure it any longer. i did endure and get out of that hole and am now convinced that it is always possible to do so, eventually. but one needs the help and the ability to give onesself the time to do it. sadly, this man didn't know that, and killed himself, and his death and others like his are a big part of the reason why i am open and honest about my own experiences with sexual abuse, alcoholism/addiction, anxiety/panic and depression. it can all be lived with and there is no need to die before the body itself finally gives up the ghost.
— April 22, 2013 9:17 a.m.

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