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I’m not sure how I got dragged into this, but Jay is indeed Jay and I am not :-) The fact that “Forty One Sixty,” is partially on my label is no secret, nor is it a secret that it took a long time to gather everything together. Actually, it’s a joint release with JAM Records out of Michigan, as stated on the label and in all pr. I at no point have called it a tribute album, not on the disc, not in the pr. Indeed, it’s a covers album. All of the tracks are at least a couple of years old, but that’s kind of the point, gathering up released covers and rounding out the disc with newer tracks recorded specifically for the project. I didn’t solicit all the material for the comp, nor was it my idea, it was my publishers. Some tracks were recorded without my knowledge, though I certainly see nothing wrong in asking a few friends if they’d care to contribute. I’m not sure who you’ve spoken with, but all the track owners or their representative, okayed the release of the tracks. In fact, part of the most recent delay was due to getting an overseas clearance. Even without that knowledge, you can assume if an artist recorded a track specifically for the comp, they knew it was going to be on the album. Now, the story of how this CD came to be a Blindspot / JAM release after years of pre-production, is a novel unto itself for another time. As for the Blurt item, I’m not sure what the big deal is. I had no idea it would be featured, but besides that I don’t see how mentioning that an album is being released, in a list that’s meant to do just that, is a problem. The album is included four paragraphs down, with a bunch of other titles, a couple of sentences. Did you actually read the article or is it because the disc was pictured? I might be wrong, but I think Jay pretty much included everything whose release fit that particular time frame. Hopefully all this will generate more publicity for the album, however, in the future Diana, please keep me out of your battles- Cheers- Bart
— September 4, 2009 6:27 p.m.

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