Let’s Toast to Banning Booze

I would like to personally reach out to everyone and let them know change is around the corner, 2010. If you read the above passage, you noticed that I will begin my grass roots campaigning for City Council- District 2 -2010 in the near future. Mr. Faulconer has yet proved again how politics and mis-education and mis-representation of the general public are directly correlated. My name is Sam Assmann (yes Assmann) a 27 year old, from Crown Point. The task is large, the agenda is burdensome and change is imminent. My campaign manager, Justin Carver (above) and myself are currently in the works of beginning what we hope to be one of the largest grass roots campaings that will come to District 2! You will soon see buttons, websites, facebook accounts, myspace, twitter, bumper stickers, shirts, pens, T's, all in the name of change for 2010 and all in the name of Sam Assmann! Your feedback is appreciated. An official announcement is slated for June. With your support, which begins now, we can accomplish what we as San Diegans believe in. Not only will be bring back the booze, but I personally vow to listen to each and every voice and take action for what is truly right. My focus is to continue to support a portion of Mr. Faulconer's platform, not solely focus on the booze ban. This is not the only area Mr. Faulconer has failed to support voters. With that being said, your support is appreciated and you will continue to hear and see more of me. I look forward to a successful 1.5 year campaign. The journey and fight begins now! Regards, Sam Assmann ASSMANN 2010!
— April 30, 2009 3:51 p.m.

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