Tundra # 6

I have to admit, I'm finding this hard to read. Not because of the storytelling, which is fine in itself, but simply because of what you are putting your cat Tundra through. I want to point out one thing that I find cruel, if not downright despicable, that you had said in another post: "Sometimes I threw Tundra out in the yard and shut the door. I felt that it was for his own good. Almost immediately he’d begin to scratch at the door and meow mournfully. “Merrrrooooooow!” he’d cry." Have you no heart? Actually, don't even answer that. The mere fact that you continue to allow your cat to get its ass kicked and are content with that is proof enough that you don't. Look, Tundra is your cat and I'd be out of place to even attempt to dare say how you or any other pet owner raises their pet but personally, I find this entire thing to be absolutely cruel. I understand Tundra scratches at the door to be let out but I'd bet anything that it's not to go outside and be attacked by another bully of a cat but simply because cats by nature are enthralled with nature itself. In a previous thread in the first fight, Tundra ran directly past you, upstairs and under furniture to not only hide but lick its wounds. If that doesn't show you that it's not out there to fight but to get some enjoyment of being outside, you obviously have no respect or understanding of cats. There is nothing you can do about Mushroom coming into your yard, which was proven by a water gun that will eventually no longer be considered a nuisance to Mushroom but merely a new way of getting something to drink. You simply cannot dissuade a cat with a water gun. They eventually will conquer their fear of that and no longer be bothered by it. So please, stop torturing Mushroom with the water gun and have some damn respect for your own cat. When it wants out, find something to distract it and maybe play with it yourself. I understand this cat was thrust into your lives by another disrespectful owner who deserted it but no need to make it two owners who show it no love. You say Tundra grew on you but your actions belie that sentiment. Furthermore, I'm disappointed by all of you others replying, goading on and encouraging this. Stop for a second and think about what is going on and what poor Tundra is going through. It is not a "growing" period for Tundra. It must be pure confusion as to why being outside is so enjoyable but gets absolutely ruined by a bully of a cat. I feel terrible for Tundra, actually. I can't even imagine how it feels inside and I only hope either Mushroom goes away or its owners find more respect for its feelings and life itself.
— February 24, 2010 11:56 p.m.

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