A Power Greater Than Ourselves

Hello. I try to read everything you write. Yes, I am a fan. I have been in recovery more than 2 months and am actually at Step 2 of the 12 Recovery Steps. My life has cycled downward ever so slowly over these many years, until at 62, my life has become unmanageable! It doesn't really matter to my life (your life? anyone's life?) what others believe. What matters is what can give a person strength - in the midst of overwhelming weakness - to catch onto that railing of the stairs that lead to, self-preservation, societal appreciation, community involvement, familial intercourse, self respect and/or reasonable begin a steady climb without falling back into the muck and mire of an imploding life brought on by soul-chilling trauma. Here's hoping that all who need a Power will find Him. I know that I have been suffering from multiple addictions and resulting hangups, not the least of which are gluttony, lying and hoarding. For the first time in years I have new energy to live a public life without regard to the condemnation of myself/others, without the broken record of the shame from my/other's past deeds but with hope that, before the End, I will know the sweet fellowship of the "me" that was intended by the Creator before the many unfortunate circumstances/liaisons and misguided (stupid?)decisions de-railed my life. If I can avoid relapse and be restored to true satiated sobriety, then, another name for God will be Sanity, Love, Peace.
— November 1, 2010 11:18 p.m.

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