Goodbye, Hello, Goodbye Again

I don't think the lady above has the right to state that this story is against women if that is what she is saying. I am a mother who has gone through hell and back with my daughters father. I know all the parties involved in the above story and not for nothing, lady, you are crazy, the father in this story has been nothing since day one a loving, supporting father. He has raised his daughter no matter what he has had to over come in life. He has been there since day one, not many fathers can say that. The mothers actions are not right since day one, she is a user, a person, who uses people to get what she wants and uses her child as a pawn. I have no idea how this father has put up with her all these years, and the simple reason is his daughter and the love he has for her. The mother had no right to leave the state that is KIDNAPPING, I have been through that, not knowing if your child is okay, eaten, or in school is a nightmare no parent should have to go through, and puts the child in a terrible position, to leave yet another stable environment to be dragged out of school and moved around,according to the story from CA TO NY TO NJ TO CA just puts her behind. That is not a mother with her best interests of her child first. Lady this story should help people, what you are doing is taking other stories and trying to throw them into this one, every story is written for a reason, to help others, and if this story helps another parent weather it is the mother or the father, then it has done its purpose.
— April 10, 2009 6:31 p.m.

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