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1979: San Diego's year in review

Rape of the Earth Medal of Dishonor The year's most infamous award goes to the voters of San Diego, a majority of whom agreed to exchange 39 acres of prime canyonland in Balboa Park for ...

B.B. Ruffin, La Jolla's most connected leftist, departs

Goodbye radical chic

You don’t have to do much to get known in San Diego...First you go social and they invite you to the Jewell Ball, then you go in the theatre and you get rave reviews, then you go into Radical Chic and you are known as Ruffin the Red and B.B. the Commie Marxist.

And you thought Strawberry Alarm Clock was weird

Band includes George Bunnell of Pacific Beach and Randy Seol of North Park

Oh yes, we ran into them in Chicago. They were two fat girls with t-shirts on that said plaster casters. They had a museum in their basement. Mick was there and Hendrix and Davey Jones' was in glass.

Let’s Be Friends

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