William Murray

Murray was the son of Natalia Danesi Murray, an Italian singer, actress and publisher who became the lover of Janet Flanner, The New Yorker writer. He wrote the "Letter from Italy" column for The New Yorker and a series of mysteries set at a California racetrack.

Articles by William Murray

When the Flowers Continued to Misbehave

One of the first things I do, whenever I’m lucky enough to find myself wandering about backstage at the Civic Theatre during the San Diego Opera season, is check the Bullshitometer. This is a semicircular ...

From the shower to La Scala

My ill-fated but proud tenure with San Diego's Gilbert & Sullivan company

When the invitation to audition for a local production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Trial by Jury arrived in the mail last winter, my first reaction was to drop it into the trash. I hadn’t sung ...

The oval truth

Horse player gets stuck at Del Mar Fair

My friend Lenny, belter known to his cronies al the wagering satellite in Del Mar as the Hammer, has had just about enough of the Del Mar Fair to last him a lifetime. Every racing ...

Another Night at the Opera

Inside Ian Campbell's mind — and everyone else's — as they prepare Il Trovatore

The opera... is to music what a bawdy house is to a cathedral,” H.L. Mencken once observed. He didn’t mean it as a compliment, but I like to think of it as one. A bawdy ...

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