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San Diego's neo-grotesque churches

A house of worship is a (bizarre) thing to behold

While God does enraged backflips in Heaven, the people of the Earth build churches. Ever since the Roman Catholic church leaders of old Europe, taking a cue from the pyramids of the pharaohs, decided that ...

Why do sportswriters in the Chargers press box pork out on free goodies every Sunday but keep their mouths shut the rest of the week?

Ask Rick Smith

"Look, Steve, I didn't want any prima donnas in the press box. I don " want any guys up there in Calvin Klein jeans and plaid shins looking for special treatment. — Rick Smith, San ...

The man who started greyhound racing at Caliente

Gone to the dogs

High in the grandstands at Agua Caliente, in one of the line of small, plain officials’ boxes that look down on the dog track and the larger horse track that surrounds it, Paul Hartwell drew ...

Why San Diego museums are skittish about crafts

Arts and crafts and controversy

In the past there have been tall, spindly-legged clocks driven by plumb-bob pendulums and magnets, keeping, time with a single hand or with numbers inlaid on graceful, spoked, wooden wheels; tiny, rainbow-colored women accented with ...

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