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Coronado councilman aims to “de-sign” town

“How we get directions has really changed since 2003.”

In response to the Coronado City Council’s approval of a $475,000 “wayfinding” program, councilman Richard Bailey has launched his own counter-initiative: a sign-reduction program to reduce unnecessary signage throughout the community. On June 16, the ...

Coronado plans for a more crowded future

Second thoughts on $100,000 bike path feasibility study

The Coronado City Council unanimously voted last week to reconsider its allocation of $100,000 to study the possibility of a multi-use bike path along Coronado’s Ocean Boulevard. More than 100 people packed City Hall for ...

Coronado toll booths give way to fantasizing

“It would be so awesome.”

Coronado Mayor Casey Tanaka said that since the removal of the tolls that paid off the Coronado bridge’s construction in 2002, “there have been many complaints about how the entryway into the city was becoming ...

Caltrans, what planet are you on?

Coronado residents don't buy rationale for raising speed limits

Coronado residents expressed shock and outrage at a city-council meeting on June 2 — Caltrans proposes raising the speed limits on two highways running through the island community. Marcelo Peinado, Caltrans’ District 11 division chief ...

A restroom more helpful than harmful

Coronado High likely to soon have transgender and nonbinary lavatory

In response to the School Success and Opportunity Act, made effective on January 1 of 2014 by governor Jerry Brown, Coronado High School is working in conjunction with the student-run Gay-Straight Alliance to give transgender ...

Coronado's Sunshine Clause — pffft!

“I’ve heard some teachers say, 'I’m going to stay now.’”

After months of negotiations, the Coronado Unified School District announced a new salary agreement with the Association of Coronado Teachers during the first week of May. The new contract, which will last through June of ...

Coronado eucalyptus trees destined for doom

“The whole thing happened without any notice whatsoever.”

Kirby Watson has resided in the shade of the eucalyptus trees on Coronado Island’s E Avenue for over 45 years. She said she was devastated when she received a letter from the City of Coronado ...

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