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Stories by Roger Anderson

Birth of the Beat Farmers

Jerry Rainey recalls their forbearers: the Jesters, Funky Buckwheat, Sleepy Hollow, Blues Messenger, Glory

“Country Dick was a Glory fan during the old days, back when he was in high school. As a matter fact, he was student-body vice president at Grossmont High and hired us to play a dance there.”

Development more rapacious in San Diego's South Bay

Where the wild things were

The City of El Cajon bought from us (at an enforced discount) about two-thirds of our front yard and sent in heavy machinery to chop down the olive trees and grade away the lawn and the fence.

Was Helen Hunt Jackson's Ramona real?

What they say at the Woodward Historical Museum in Ramona

“I there was such a woman as Ramona, the odds are that she was married not here but in a little chapel on Conde Street. Father Yubach said he seemed to remember marrying a woman by that name.”

The Hardback Lester Bangs

El Cajon buddy writes post-mortem letter to rock critic.

I moved to the Bay Area from El Cajon and the fifteen- or twenty-page letters we used to exchange dwindled down to a precious few and the next thing I know you had quit Creem.