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Stories by Richard Louv

Advent, Sony, Muntz change TV for everyone

Attack of the giant screen

Electronic philosopher Marshall McLuhan used to be widely quoted as saying, “Television reintegrates the human senses, thereby making books obsolete.” TV critic Michael J. Arlen had something to say about that: “Oh, boy, some life ...

WWI veterans tell how the war really was

Old soldiers fade away

On this day, over half a century ago, Chester Hanson threw his bandolier into a camp stove and ran from the exploding bullets, while Ettore Bronte was singing in the streets of Paris, celebrating the ...

Timothy Leeeeeary – in jail in San Diego

The LSD proponent after his time in San Diego's Metropolitan Correction Center

"The media loves to set up people as heroes or villains; and sure, if you want to see me as a villain, that's fine with me, but I have no more relationship to acid, in the overall scope of my work, than the bomb has reference to Einstein."

Christ the King church – separation of races by Mass

Wee can't be as black-oriented as we have been

The statue in front of Christ the King Church in Logan Heights is becoming legendary. During the '60s, vandals broke the hands from Jesus's outstretched arms and painted his face black. Then one morning the ...

Mondale unconvincingly presses flesh in San Diego

A reporter who sounds like he's seasoned takes on the seasoned reporters and the junior women's club woman

The media have a hard time with Walter Mondale. Dole is related to pineapples, though he’s supposed to have the personality of a radish. Ford is a dependable, unexciting four-door. And recently, I heard two ...

Del Campo, Del Rio juvey camps – better than home

Where the bad boys are

Just as the people who live along the ocean shore are affected by the tides and the pull of the moon, the children of the street in 5- inner territories like Shell Town and Logan ...

One process server lights a paper bag at the back door

Paper chase

In the process server’s basement office the air is charged with excitement. Steve Knox starts jumping up and down, but his feet do not leave the floor. His face is getting redder. He’s sweating, grinning. ...

No supermarket in Golden Hills, just corner markets

The real radicals may well be the land developers

If you drive south on Highway 5 and take the Pershing Drive off-ramp down to 26th Street, you will wind up on a narrow road through green hills and cool groves of trees, past a ...

How 1976 graduations felt in San Diego

Braving the new world

In a 1958 issue of San Diego Magazine, Associate Editor James Britton described white, middle-and upper-middle-class Grossmont High School this way: “Symbolically, Grossmont High School is on a hill just below Mount Helix, the point ...